Our Story

McRae's Foods is a family owned and operated business committed to producing the highest quality of specialty sauces. McRae's Foods was built on a family secret recipe handed down from my mother, Edna McRae. I had a vision that surpassed having a family secret recipe.

Mama's BackWoods Cooking sauces were created from 40+ years of trial and error perfecting the taste of her specialty sauce. People from around the world have experienced the thrill of these sauces and testifies that they've never “tasted anything quite like it.” My mother says, “and they never will because I always season my food with love.”

The company's main focus is specialty and gourmet sauces. These specialty sauces have a very distinctive, down-home, rich, spicy, sweet flavor. The name says it all – Mama's BackWoods Cooking Sauce. Currently there are 3 masterfully crafted flavors – Original, Sweet ‘N Sassy, and Spicy.

These sauces are great on almost anything including barbecue chicken, barbecue ribs, hamburgers, fried chicken, seafood, baked beans and vegetables. The sauces are great for grilling, baking, marinades, spreads, as well as dips.

Mama's BackWoods Cooking sauces are currently only sold in specialty shops and online.

McRae’s Foods is based out of Huntsville, AL.

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 "How to be Sweet, Spicy, S.A.U.C.Y. & Successful"

Success secrets from the Front lines of specialty, gourmet sauces from author Kenya McRae.


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Provide entrepreneurs with the basics on how to transition from recipe to market and beyond. This series was designed for new entrepreneurs just getting started and entrepreneurs whose products are not meeting the consumer needs based on their inability to position properly into the market.