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Through the years, the question we are asked most often is, "Where does the name Mama's BackWoods come from?" Well, it's pretty simple...the recipe is my mom's and we grew up in the backwoods of Yantley, AL.  So when you combine our Mama and BackWoods you get Mama's BackWoods.  Mams'a BackWoods Sauce is sassy mixed with sizzle.  The inescapable flavor or silky sun-ripened tomatoes and peppers with a good lick of sweet, southern hospitality, and a few of mama's secret dash of this and that mixed into the magic.  

Our Sauces


Mama's BackWoods Cooking Sauces were created from 50+ years of trial and error perfecting the taste of my mother's specialty sauce.  These specialty sauces have a very distinctive, down-home, rich, spicy, sweet flavor.  We have 3 masterfully crafted flavors - Original, Sweet-N-Sassy, and Spicy.  These sauces are great on almost anything - beans, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, rice, seafood, and vegetables.  The sauces are great for bbqing, baking, dips, grilling, marinades, and spreads. 

How To Be Sweet, Spicy, S.A.U.C.Y. & Successful


We share some of our own success secrets, inspirations, trials and tribulation, and more importantly, "secret recipe" for success in the specialty foods industry.   


Pastor Rusty Nelson, RFWC

"WOW!!!!  That’s the best stuff I’ve ever tasted."

Overseer Daniel J. Richardson, ENM

"I was going to tell you I had the opportunity to experience Mama’s BackWood BBQ Sauce and LORD JESUS, I AM TRULY proud of you!"

Bryan Mason, MBD

"Fixed some boneless pork Saturday.  Use the Sweet & Sassy on it and was pleased.  My wife even made a comment about the taste and she liked it.  You have a winner!"

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